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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How to add "Read more" for post at Blogger/Blogspot

step 1 
click the icon below to separate the post

step 2
it will appear dotted line after post summary

How to Add "You might also like" for post at blogspot

#step 1
enter this site

#step 2

Email : enter your gmail account for your blogger, exp :
Blog Link : enter your blog address, exp :
Platform : choose stories
click "Get Widget!" to build your widget

What is Open Source? [Android A to Z]

What is open source? Open-source software is software that makes the source code freely available, for anyone to see and use. There are different open-source licenses that have different use conditions, from the GPL (GNU General Public License) -- which allows "free distribution under the condition that further developments and applications are put under the same license" -- to more liberal licenses like the Apache License, which doesn't require modifications to be open and have the source code available.  Android uses both of these licenses, and we'll have a look at them in turn.

How to Prepare Linux (Ubuntu) for Daily Activities

step 1
Create and Configure User Account
*suggest users to make complicated password at least 8 characters  
*enable shadow to avoid storing password in text mod
*do not use chsh command to modify /bin/false (it will prevent hacker to control system by default account for login)
*make sure that there is no account using ID nol and prevent login access remotely without password (configure file .rhost or /etc/host.equiv)

step 2
Secure Root Access
*login without root
*use root access for administration only
*edit /etc/security and add # in the beginning of rows
*disable telnet
*edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config to prevent SSH login
*set umask root to 077 (read, write, execute just for root) or 022 (for user)

Video File Format - Part 2

MP4 format
Standard formats for MPEG-4 is named by MP4. This sometimes causes people to get confused and think of it as audio formats like MP3. MP3 is actually associated with MPEG-1. MP3 audio is part of the original MPEG standard.

MPEG-4 is actually a type of so-called "container format". This format means combining several different content into a single file. Usually the content is audio coupled with video, but sometimes content such as still images are also put in an MP4 file.

Video and audio content are combined in MP4 can consist of a variety of formats. For the video format used eg DivX, XviD, ffmpeg, H.264 ( MPEG-4 AVC ). AAC format and MP3 audio examples, while for still images we can use the JPEG and PNG. All the content formats including MPEG-4 standard
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